An LPS Healthcare solution

Simplified remote control shell

A simplifying shell for Swisscom TV-BOX remote control

Made in Switzerland with antibacterial and antivirus plastic

Millimeter precision, impeccable functionality

Discover our remote control shell and enjoy a simple and effective solution to control a TV.

Seeing the difficulties of users with countless small keys, we decided to create a case that would allow for extremely simple use of Swisscom’s remote controls for retirement homes and at home.

The SIMPLE (with open central PAD) and SIMPLE+ (with closed central PAD) cases have been developed for elderly and/or frail people with dexterity problems, as well as for all people who are looking for a simple and efficient solution to control their TV.

For optimized comfort


Simply navigate

These anti-virus/anti-bacterial and disinfectant resistant products have been designed to facilitate the use of Swisscom IPTV-Box remote controls.



We attach particular importance to developing products that are easy to understand, which is why these boxes include only the functions most frequently used by people with permanent disabilities or simply looking for simplicity.


Easily accessible functions

The large, wide-spaced keys with a sensitive pressure point allow you to change channels, adjust the volume, open the TXT or the radio, and switch the box on and off at the same time as the TV.

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