The collaborative platform offered by LPS Healthcare focuses on a professional smartphone distributed to each employee with all the elements necessary for the management of care, alarms and administrative and routine professional acts.

It also acts as a communication center and enables for simplification and immediacy of contacts, significantly increasing the efficiency and quality of care processes.

Characteristics of single device per nurse smartphones:


Data and image transmission 


Integration of work flows and processes


Conference and videophone function


Walkie-talkie function


 Geolocated real-time fall and anti-aggression alarms


Transmission of fire alarms

The data is saved in a redundant datacenter hosted in Switzerland by Swisscom.
Three security levels guarantee access and permanent data backup:

Redundant connection by optical fiber and 4G network

Redundant backups in data farms in Switzerland
Backup system operational in establishments with 30 minutes battery life

Benefits for care staff


Motivating quality of life at work and technical environment


Safety of isolated personnel


Simplification and consolidation of work processes

Simple, immediate and complete access to all data and interfaces