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As part of the treatment of dementia, our anti-wandering system defines areas of development in which residents can move around safely, whether at home or in an institution. Any crossing of the defined limits generates a geolocated alarm that gives priority to all service personnel.
The person’s exact location is transmitted through dedicated networks, taking care of all privacy rules.


The system can be configured for a single room, an entire building or a geographic area determined on Google Maps. A crossing protocol is established (exact time and place of crossing).


The anti-wandering is flexible as desired and can also manage residents’ access to certain spaces, such as the rooms of other residents, the exteriors or the technical and administrative spaces of a building.


Benefits for care staff




in the legal duty of supervision


Increased response capacity and overview


Reduced load and stress

for residents with dementia

Benefits for residents and their families

Integration into private residences

for people with dementia


Increased freedom of movement and quality of life


Decreased stress

residents and their families