The caregivers and seniors are at the heart of our cause.


LPS Healthcare Inc. offers digital solutions for healthcare institutions, private residences and retirement homes.

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”Today we are building the systems that we ourselves will be dependent on later.“

Nurse call, anti wandering and real time location systems

LPS Healthcare

LPS Healthcare is a company specialized in health home automation for dependent and vulnerable people, at home or in institutions.

Its patented HEALTHCAREwireless® system makes it possible to consolidate personal safety, optimize the flow of nursing work and increase patient comfort by focusing on the complete digitalization of EMS care facilities and CMS services.

The elements integrated into the Healthcare Wireless® system exploit the latest and most reliable wireless technologies such as WIFI, Bluetooth systems, ultrasonic waves, the national professional network of connected Internet objects LORA and the GSM network.

LPS Healhtcare is made for healthcare establishments undergoing renovation, modernization or construction. With its scalable solutions, our company offers flexibility and modularity while allowing cost control and simplicity of infrastructures.

” The comfort and safety of our loved ones are not options. “

Research and development

In a permanent concern to develop its services, LPS Healthcare evaluates and tests new technologies and systems that can be integrated into its Healthcare Wireless® solution. This approach guarantees a constantly evolving product and cutting-edge technologies serving the comfort and safety of dependent and vulnerable people.

LPS Healthcare’s research and development dynamic is a guarantee of investment protection since its products are created to evolve and last.

” Let’s bring the future to our seniors“

Why choosing LPS Healthcare?

10 years of experience in the development of patient calls based on real-time geolocation watches

Turnkey security systems fully integrated at telecommunications level

Fully digitalized, scalable and modular solutions

Integration of the best systems and products on the market
Permanent search for new technologies
Swiss company
Proactive maintenance, 5 year warranty on products and systems