Our patient call security systems enable a patient to launch various alarms, voluntarily or automatically, wherever they are in Switzerland, inside or outside buildings, with a systematic triggering of cascading process to caregivers.

Patient Alarms

At the request of the patient

Fall alarms

Alarm accessories

contact mat, motion detectors, smart bed

Bracelet opening alarms

Anti-wandering alarms

for leaving specific sectors

The system is centered on a GPS watch always accompanying the person. This watch guarantees the transmission of alarms via the WIFI network or via GMS.

Connected to a management platform, it allows simple and efficient processing of alarms via a professional smartphone.

Benefits for care staff

Thanks to the Healthcare Wireless® system, the work of the nursing staff is simplified, and its processes strengthened.

Real-time geolocation

caregivers are able to quickly find the exact location of the patient.

Simultaneous management of many alarms

by color codes in the centralized task management system: the nursing staff keeps the overview and the identification of the process phases is simplified and facilitated (call = red, accepted = yellow, intervention = green, finished = gray) .

Reception system

which guarantees compulsory physical presence of the nursing staff with the patient.

Benefits for residents and their families


patients are taken care of and treated promptly in the event of an alarm.

Mobility and comfort

the Healthcare Wireless® system offers the patient freedom of movement in complete safety thanks to real-time geolocation.