We are pleased to send you our first NEWSLETTER of the year 2022. With 313 days to go, we are already very pleased to announce that : 

# LPS Healthcare expands into GERMANY

Since the end of 2020, LPS has activated its branch office in Wädenswil (ZH) in order to strengthen its market position in German-speaking Switzerland.

We are pleased to confirm the appointment of Mr. Philip Cortesi as our new branch manager and welcome him to the LPS Healthcare DREAM TEAM.

For more information please contact Philip now: +41 79 133 40 99 / pcortesi@lps-healthcare.com

# Internet-Telephony-Television: The migration of your COAX TV to IP-TV easy and without investment costs: TRIPLE-PLAY in the rooms

Thanks to our partnership with Swisscom, the digitalization of your residence has never been so attractive financially. Not only are there no financing costs for your new infrastructure (apart from service fees and possible cable costs), but you also earn money every month. 

The room TV becomes an interactive window to the outside world and the internal animation team.

More information: On our website

Our Triple Play reference EMS: https://www.projet-sante.ch/residence-plantzette/ 

For a detailed presentation in your institution, please contact us: contact@lps-healthcare.com  


Address : Technôpole 4, 3960 Sierre (VS)